Self-Cleaning Barrier Filter for Rotorcraft Engines


The Aeronautical Journal cover

N Bojdo & A Filippone
The Aeronautical Journal
In press 2014

A parameter-based study of a novel self-cleaning barrier filter concept for rotorcraft engines is presented. Existing inlet barrier filters for rotorcraft achieve a high separation efficiency (up to 99% for a dust resembling AC Coarse test dust) at the expense of a pressure drop that increases over time. Other engine protection devices with invariant pressure loss signals cannot offer the same level of efficiency. This work proposes a solution that addresses each of these limitations, and establishes the parametric framework upon which such a design could be realised. The drum-shaped self-cleaning barrier filter fits to the engine inlet and spins about its longitudinal axis, such that each of its fibrous filter pleats can be cleaned once per cycle.