Dr Antonio Filippone onboard a G550 aircraft

Dr Antonio Filippone onboard a G550 aircraft

First developed in 2006 by leading aeronautical authority Dr Antonio Filippone, FLIGHT is state-of-the-art software for the prediction and modelling of fixed wing aircraft performance.

FLIGHT is constantly being enhanced to work with the world's leading aircraft operators to assist in minimising environmental impact and maximising cost efficiency.

Its aircraft modelling is continually reviewed, updated, extended and tested to improve accuracy, making it the most reliable source of data outside of the manufacturers.

Through analysing the performance of airborne vehicles and any sub-systems using the latest academic research, FLIGHT can accurately map aircraft operation under all flight conditions, allowing for numerous logistical variations.

FLIGHT has been developed to take into account even the smallest of variations to an aircraft, including flight path, atmospheric conditions, changes to the centre of gravity of the aircraft, and minute alterations to passenger services on board. All these variations can be comprehensively demonstrated to facilitate best practice for air operators.

The aircraft performance software employs a vast database of widely used commercial aircraft and routes, allowing users to input an almost limitless array of flight variables to deliver accurate prediction of performance in a number of situations.

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