Boeing B747-400 from London LHR to New York JFK

Percentage Fuel Burn Prediction

This example analyses a Boeing 747-400 with CFM engines travelling from London Heathrow LHR to New York JFK, showing changes in percentage fuel burn when variation is applied to flight logistics, compared to a nominal flight scenario.

Boeing B747-400 sensitivity fuel burn analysis

Sensitivity analysis on fuel burn (simulated)

Boeing B747-400 Flight Logistics & Extra Fuel Burn Charts

This data can also be represented in the following tables (international fuel reserves, standard atmospheric conditions, winds as indicated).

We can see that the variable with the biggest effect on fuel burn is cruise wind speed.

Of the parameters within the control of air operators, we can see that a difference of 10kg per passenger results in a difference of 61kg in extra fuel burn over the course of the journey.

Boeing B747-400 flight logistics and extra fuel burn chart



Noise Maps at Departure & Arrival (EPNL)

A unique feature of the FLIGHT software is the ability to plot noise maps from its output for specific aircraft procedures, such as take-off and landing, as demonstrated in the diagrams below.

FLIGHT’s mapping analysis tools can also be used to examine the noise impact on businesses and communities in and around airports and flight paths.

Boeing B747-400 departure and arrival noise maps