Validation Strategies for Comprehensive Aircraft Noise Prediction Methods


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A Filippone, L Bertsch &
M Pott-Pollenske
12th AIAA/ATIO Conference Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
17-19 Sep 2012

This contribution deals with validation and verification issues in aircraft noise prediction. We use two different comprehensive simulation software: PANAM, developed at DLR and FLIGHT, developed at the University of Manchester. The comparison is done on the basis of extensive flight data taken on an Airbus A319-100 operated by Lufthansa. The flight recorder data have been synchronized with noise measurements on the ground, at 25 different observer locations. This paper aims to contribute to the establishment of rational validation standards, as well as realistic accuracy margins on integral noise metrics. The computer codes are briefly described. Results are shown for a variety of microphone positions, located sideways and directly along selected departure and approach flight ground tracks.