Multi-Disciplinary Simulation of Propeller-Turboshaft Aircraft Flight


The Aeronautical Journal book cover

A Filippone & Z Mohamed-Kassim
The Aeronautical Journal
Oct 2012

This contribution presents a novel simulation for a fixed-wing aircraft powered by gas turbine engines and advanced propellers (turboprops). The work is part of a large framework for the simulation of aircraft flight through a multi-disciplinary approach. Novel numerical methods are presented for flight mechanics, turboshaft engine simulation (in direct and inverse mode), and propeller dynamics. We present in detail the integration of the propeller with the airframe, aircraft and tonal noise model. At the basic level, we address a shortfall in multi-disciplinary integration in turboshaft-powered aircraft, including economical operations and environmental emissions (exhausts and noise). The models introduced are based on first principles, supplied with semi-empirical correlations, if required. Validation strategies are presented for component-level analysis and system integration. Results are presented for aerodynamics, specific air range, optimal cruise conditions, payload-range performance, and propeller noise. Selected results are shown for the ATR72-500, powered by PW-127M turboshaft engines and F568-1 propellers.