Theoretical Framework for the Simulation of Transport Aircraft Flight


Journal of Aircraft book cover

A Filippone
Journal of Aircraft
Sep 2010

This contribution presents a novel simulation theory for a complete fixed-wing aircraft. Novel methods are presented for flight mechanics (fuel planning), turbofan engine simulation (in direct and inverse mode), thermo-physics integration (tyre temperature on the ground and fuel temperature in flight) and aircraft noise.

At a fundamental level, the framework presented addresses a shortfall in multi-disciplinary integration in aircraft flight, including economic operations, preliminary design and environmental emissions. Validation strategies are introduced for component-level analysis and system integration. Results are presented for geometry models, specific air range and optimal cruise conditions, payload-range performance, fuel temperature of a wing tank, tire heating during normal take-off, aircraft propulsive (jet/nozzle) and non propulsive (landing gear)noise.

Selected results are shown for the Boeing B777-300 and the Airbus A380-861.